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Maine Lawmaker Aims to Block Attempt to Raise Car Insurance Rates for Older Drivers

… customers of a particular insurance company or seniors who are shopping around for a new insurer. We have an obligation to protect the independence of Maine seniors. Fairness in auto insurance rates is part of that.” Beck, a fourth-term House member who represents parts of Waterville and Oakland, was responding to a Portland Press Herald report on Ohio-based Progressive’s efforts to seek state regulatory approval to raise car insurance premiums for seniors based on their age. The proposed …

Lower Your Car Insurance Rates With These Tips

Everybody is looking for the best auto insurance rates to save money.  Here you are going to find several considerations to lower your car insurance rates for sure. Auto insurance doesn’t just insure your vehicle, it can also cover medical expenses from a vehicle wreck as well as protecting you from being sued for additional expenses from being in a wreck. This article can help you choose the right amounts of coverage in the right areas to protect all of your assets. Check the rates of …

Auto insurance explained

When lookin for auto insurance, discovering the privilege arrangement and the least expensive protection spread can be a dubious procedure; drivers utilize the Internet, by phone, read magazines, stare at the TV notice to get data on investment funds and offers on auto protection. Owning and driving an auto means assuming numerous dangers to yourself as well as other people. At the point when a car crash happens, harm, wounds, misfortune or these elements may be dispensed upon you and others. …

Your Auto Insurance: Have Wonderful Coverage And Large Savings Too

People in every single place should all the time deal with all the increasing prices of every part around them. They shouldn’t always think about the daily primary requirements every week but different vital issues as well. Auto insurance coverage is without doubt one of the issues that you simply shouldn’t forget. In fact, it is not a good idea to decide on between auto insurance premium and groceries weekly and/or danger getting caught on the streets without one particularly after an …